Friday, July 26, 2013

How to .. Quick Ways to Sell Used Goods ..?

Sell ​​used goods is not as easy as new goods transactions. Many people hesitate in choosing thrift, for fear of damage, defective goods, to scared counterfeit goods, and other reasons. Various ways can be done to sell second-hand goods, from direct sales or advertisements on the internet. For those of you who want to sell items that are no longer used, ranging from clothing to electronics, here are some tips that you can try.

1. Use convincing photo
When someone searches for items to be purchased via the online shop or advertisements in print media, the first thing you look for is the photo display of goods. Use a camera that can record good quality images and avoid using camera phones because the results are less good than digital cameras or professional cameras. Choose a good angle so that the image and the product looks attractive.
2. Selling with honest
If you are selling products that have defective or damaged, the gambling mentioned in your ad. Do not get disappointed and feel deceived consumers with your credibility as a seller. Include a photo of the product is also damaged and specify what solutions do prospective buyers to deal with the damage.
3. Survey prices
Price of used goods is not the same as the new stuff that the average price was almost the same in every trader. Before setting prices, it is better if you do a small survey to some trading forums or classified ads. If the goods are damaged, look for similar items by seller reference conditions are not much different.
4. Expand market
Selling products in one place will minimize your chances inside hook the consumer. Place an ad in multiple places at once so that more and more people are tempted by your product. But do not forget to check your ads, who knows there are prospective buyers who are tempted by your offer.
5. Not sold? Donate it!
If the goods do not also sold to a maximum of three months, you may need to consider other plans, namely donate to anyone who needs it.

How to .. Ways and Marketing Tips ..?

Marketing can not be separated from the seller. Profession of a salesman is a very promising profession, if already mastered the basics that must be owned by a seller of the product or services will be sold easily. In this occasion will be divided Tip how to become a vendor / marketer reliable.

Things - things that must be owned by a seller are:

1. Extensive relationships of the various groups
2. Have good communication skills
3. Have a sense of Confidence (PD) is high
4. Master and understand the products that will be sold

1 How to Build Relationships

To have a relation that much then need to log into various communities and various groups in the following way:

1. Do not choose friends hanging out, everyone is having potential.Do not assets and assess the performance of the circumstances or who knows beyond simple appearance and condition mediocre they will help introduce us to people we're looking to be a prospect.
2. Have the means / tools that make it easy for people to contact us; cards, Phone / Hand Phone, etc..
3. Glad to greet people first / invite acquainted.
4. Be a pleasant person for others.

2 Increase the Ability to Communicate

The ability to communicate is very important for a seller, how we will be able to sell if it is not a good way of conveying information, people do not understand what we are talking about is not ultimately obtained the Closing prospective consumers even became dizzy with what we convey. That it did not happen, Tip the following:

1. Practice speaking and well-organized starting from a low tone, medium and fast.
2. Practice speaking in front of a mirror, see how the expression and Speaking faces us now, if less sweet, correct?
3. Balance every conversation with a few hand gestures, remember ... Do not overdo it!!!.

3 Increase Confidence

Self believe come and just happen but need training and exercise, here's how to increase the sense of Confidence:

1. Expand to read, see and hear
2. Record the memory / personal note / agenda all the things / events important
3. Sure that other people have experienced fear in the face of new problems
4. Instilled in us that we are capable of facing any challenge
5. Others are the Number two, we are the number one.

4. Improve knowledge on products / services that we will sell

Do not expect to be going on sale about we do not understand the product / service will we sell, therefore imbued ......!! 1


1. Create a list of names
2. Make an appointment
3. Presentation
4. Follow up

1 Make a List of Names

List the name is the name of the person / institution / company about - about which we need the product or service that we have increased the number offer. For list of potential prospects can be by way of:

1. Search data via the Yellow Pages, phone book, Advertising Newspapers / magazines etc.
2. Always looking for new people (at least 5 people every day).
3. Ask for references from the new acquaintances we know.
4. Serve each customer / prospective customers well.

.2 Make Promises

In making an appointment with a prospect an phone. Use style that is both professional and, when called try to always smile because smiling voice that will sound different from the people who call.

3 Presentation

When presenting all the problems and possibilities of questions consumers should be anticipated in advance, hence the "Know How" about products / services that we offer have mastered right. Should after presentation of live media promotion prospects / brochure as a way to follow up .

4 Follow Up

Follow Up is a measure of marketing success, therefore at the time of follow-up should be little pressure on the prospect of a style that professional. When follow-up we have to get right 2 answers are:

1. Answer "Yes"
2. answer "No"

When getting the answer "yes" means you as a marketer have been successful, the next step is to deliver the orders were obtained, both are services directly or indirectly because if we do not give good service so consumers will only be ordered once the goods to us / no next order, but if consumers are satisfied with the services we provide in addition there will be a next order there will also be a free promotion done by the consumer to the relations. There is a form of promotion that is ideal and very appropriate because we no longer need to spend promotional budgets.

But if an answer is not, there are some things that should be evaluated, among other things:

1. Product
2. How the delivery