Friday, July 26, 2013

How to .. Quick Ways to Sell Used Goods ..?

Sell ​​used goods is not as easy as new goods transactions. Many people hesitate in choosing thrift, for fear of damage, defective goods, to scared counterfeit goods, and other reasons. Various ways can be done to sell second-hand goods, from direct sales or advertisements on the internet. For those of you who want to sell items that are no longer used, ranging from clothing to electronics, here are some tips that you can try.

1. Use convincing photo
When someone searches for items to be purchased via the online shop or advertisements in print media, the first thing you look for is the photo display of goods. Use a camera that can record good quality images and avoid using camera phones because the results are less good than digital cameras or professional cameras. Choose a good angle so that the image and the product looks attractive.
2. Selling with honest
If you are selling products that have defective or damaged, the gambling mentioned in your ad. Do not get disappointed and feel deceived consumers with your credibility as a seller. Include a photo of the product is also damaged and specify what solutions do prospective buyers to deal with the damage.
3. Survey prices
Price of used goods is not the same as the new stuff that the average price was almost the same in every trader. Before setting prices, it is better if you do a small survey to some trading forums or classified ads. If the goods are damaged, look for similar items by seller reference conditions are not much different.
4. Expand market
Selling products in one place will minimize your chances inside hook the consumer. Place an ad in multiple places at once so that more and more people are tempted by your product. But do not forget to check your ads, who knows there are prospective buyers who are tempted by your offer.
5. Not sold? Donate it!
If the goods do not also sold to a maximum of three months, you may need to consider other plans, namely donate to anyone who needs it.

 Here is how to sell used goods on the internet.

1. Use the services advertised free
Unlike advertised in newspapers, ads on the internet does not have to pay. Although there is a paid service advertised, some are free. There are many websites that provide free services advertised.
2. Use Facebook
Facebook is a social networking site that is very popular. With the number of Facebook users, many who use Facebook as a promotional media. There were promoted via group and there is also promoted through the pages fan page on Facebook. That way, Facebook can be used as a medium for selling used goods.

3. Join in the trading forum
Forum is a discussion among members. In addition to the media discussions, forums can also be used as a promotional media. There is a forum that provides a trading forum, namely Kaskus. There are many people who promote through Kaskus. You can take advantage of Kaskus to sell used goods.


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